Lifetime Ownership

Lifetime Ownership at Cabana Beach Resort

More Than Just Timeshare

Lifetime ownership at the Cabana Beach Resort in Umhlanga is an investment, but unlike regular timeshare – this one offers more benefits than you might think! By purchasing lifetime ownership at Cabana Beach, you are securing a holiday for the future at today’s rates. Your initial investment is a once-off outlay, and its growth will be determined by the level of demand for the week and specific unit at the time of sale.

Lifetime Ownership Guidelines

  • Weeks run from Saturday to Saturday
  • You can invest in as many weeks as you like, depending on availability
  • All apartments within the Cabana Beach Resort are included for leisure investment purposes, subject to resale availability
  • Your Southern Sun lifetime ownership is for life, and you can even leave it to your heirs
  • Booking for two or more consecutive weeks may not ensure the use of the same unit throughout your stay at Cabana Beach

Want to Trade Weeks?
Do it with SunSwop

When investing in lifetime ownership through Southern Sun Resorts, you qualify for automatic membership to SunSwop, your very own exclusive international affiliated interval exchange club. This premier holiday exchange service is private, independent, and YOU decide how and where to use it!

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